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Data-driven approach to public relations

We are a Growth PR and Digital Communications Agency that specializes in leveraging cutting-edge technologies with a focus on influence, perception and reach.

Marketing PR

We bridge the gap between traditional media and the brave new world of digital

B2B2C Influence Marketing

Connect with your customers on the platforms they trust most, and gain the influence your brand deserves

Content Marteting

Our professional content development services ensure a brand voice unparalleled quality to keep your audience engaged.

Brand Storytelling

we employ creative storytelling, thorough market research, business strategy workshops and more to tie the physical premises together with an idea, the concept, a story.

Online Reputation Managemnt

We help our clients build valuable reputations through search remediation and strategic content development and marketing.

Converged PR Training

The core of our service is based on the objective investment advice we seek to provide supported.

Software Development & Web Design

Our team combines best industry practices, technology expertise, and business domain knowledge to drive digital transformation.

Digital Academy

Our curriculum is designed to provide you with comprehensive knowledge and skills in digital communication

About us

Tech PR & Digital Communications

We are a forward-thinking GrowthPR and digital communications agency that combines cutting-edge technology with a keen focus on influence

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- Celestine Achi, CEO

We aim to empower our clients to drive influence and achieve their goals

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Cihan Meet

Virtual Studio and Interactive Live Streaming Platform

Cihan Metricwire

We get your story out in africa & globally

Media Intelligence

Put insights into action and shape business outcomes