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The Power of Collaboration in Growth PR: Lessons from MTN, Airtel, and 9mobile

Category: Public Relations

It was Valentine’s Day in Nigeria, and the air was filled with love and romance. However, something unexpected happened in the world of telecommunications, as two giant and competing brands, MTN Nigeria and Airtel Nigeria, joined hands to exhibit the power of collaborative PR.

It all started with a single tweet from MTN Nigeria, extending a warm message of love to Airtel Nigeria with the hashtag #loveisintheair. Airtel Nigeria responded in a unique way, asking MTN Nigeria, “so, what are we doing today?”

This exchange caught the attention of 9mobile Nigeria, another competing brand in the telecommunications industry. Feeling left out, 9mobile Nigeria decided to join the collaboration power party by sending a response to both MTN Nigeria and Airtel Nigeria, with the message “wahala for who no get valentine.”

This collaboration between three competing brands unleashed an essential component of GrowthPR – collaboration. It displayed how collaboration could unleash the power of brand love and brand growth. The telecommunication giants made good use of the season to drive their visibility and brand affinity.

The civility and maturity of the brains behind both brands were evident, as they showcased that there was enough space in the sky for every brand to shine. The collaborative environment was defined by a fast pace and the ability to have a strong voice, to be heard clearly.

The lessons learned from this collaborative effort are invaluable. In an environment where no one brand has dominance, but is quickly unchanging, collaborative PR efforts can lead to significant breakthroughs. Brands can achieve more by working together, even in the face of competition.

The collaboration between MTN Nigeria, Airtel Nigeria, and 9mobile Nigeria on Valentine’s Day is a testament to the power of collaboration in growth PR. It shows that when competitors work together, they can achieve more and benefit everyone. The lessons learned from this collaboration are valuable for PR agencies and professionals in building brand love and growth.