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You’ve spent hours working on the perfect AD and PR Campaign. You have shared your story with various publications and placed adverts with various broadcast media outlets.

How can you be sure they have been published and that they have been placed correctly?

How do you measure the advert and PR impact of your communication?

We have incorporated a hybrid end-to-end, real-time media intelligence solution to our existing online monitoring across all media spectrum, *monitoring all Television (TV) and radio stations PAN Nigeria.

Imagine the decisive power you can unleash if you could uncover insightful and actionable data for your brand or your agency:

Monitor your ad campaigns and news mentions

Detect in real time when & where your ad was played and Verify same

Quantify the impact of your PR campaigns

Get metadata about each advert and news story – including the advertising value.

Measure Your Impact

Connect content to business outcomes and use artificial intelligence to evaluate and reveal the impact of your media efforts. The result is thousands of high-performance campaigns around the world.

Inclusive Media Monitoring

At the core of the Digitalprwire platform is our proprietary monitoring news and advert crawler which captures millions of pieces of paid, owned, earned, and newswire content across Print, Radio, Television, Newswire and Digital coverage.

Let us help you monitor your brand, news and advertisements across the online media, Print, Radio and Television in real time.

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